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The Tianducheng Resort (Zhejiang Tianducheng Jiudian) is located north of Guangsha Tiandu City,  south of the Mediterranean-styled Swan Lake and west of the French-style Tiandu Park.    This Hangzhou hotel features a European classical architectural style. On offer are such types as mountain-view rooms,  lake-view rooms and executive suites.

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住客评论 236条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • njusun
    Photographed near here, environmental services are good ...
  • success2
    The room was quiet. also clean.
  • stingray
    Service was very good, very fond of
  • jameswang1666
    Scenery is very beautiful, the air is very fresh, the hotel service quality is also very good for your family break
  • Gina.Lv
    Five years ago, now facility slightly old, but living and leisure can also, dinner restaurants Teppanyaki group 138 Yuan in Hokkaido, sashimi is not fresh. more bad call restaurants take chopsticks restaurant refused to
  • feifeifei321
    Good environment and facilities, elegant accommodation and leisure.
  • forsara
    Hello, Qi Nina at the front desk service was excellent! Front desk is clean, the atmosphere is worth staying at!
  • leilago
    Beautiful environment, but hotel facilities open old, such as kettle
  • applemofli
    After moving the overall feel good on a warm, comfort Hotel rooms and Park air, buffet variety is also very rich in human services will stay next time.
  • caineroad3941
    Highly recommended hotel. day Park right next door, guests free, it is the hotel's private park, there are mountains and water, and there are few. items such as bicycles and boats, beach sand is very good, very clean, amusement park for children, free for guests, are subsidiary facilities of rhythm
  • superal19851211
    Nice rooms, breakfast can be eaten.
  • bfjyjc
    Hotel everything is so perfect and beautiful memories on our holiday, next time will come again!
  • alex868
    Hotel great room is a bit small ... overall okay.
  • irenege
    Hotel is good
  • xienan8868
    Nice location, some remote, suitable for car owners
  • lorsen
    Very good hotel, with children in the past good choices
  • lili212
    Good, very good?, on the edge of environment like?
  • e04701158
    A very good environment!
  • mydoxco
    Hotel service so early can stay so nice to have such a service during the national day praising
  • gobadger
    Front desk service was very good, especially streams and great Pi Yingying. hotel is also very good, here several times. the waiter took us to our room.
  • anandajiang
    Very satisfied
  • rong embroidered children
    Environment, good service attitude.
  • xjg888
    Pretty good
  • nanyantao
    A very good environment, hotel management industry more professional personnel training see Kung Fu. is the hotel coffee shop is generally, is due to people not used to the coffee culture.
  • fang1212
    Very beautiful, fun wind. pupils was the Castle, looking forward to Oh. service was very helpful. front nice!
  • e00096588
    Nice, the surrounding scenery
  • dongjue121
    Hotel is OK, service is good
  • madry
    Hotel location compared remote, next has a park without tickets, amusement facilities is to money of, has children amusement park, also has a beach and small lake can play foot ship,, next is neighborhoods, hotel of swimming pool and gym is neighborhoods supporting of fitness facilities, from Hotel go past is far of, only not too satisfaction of is hotel points main building and Deputy floor, main building is lobby, hotel,, Deputy floor is room, from main corridor Deputy floor is aisle links of, aisle in was not open air conditioning, didn't see hadFive-star hotel indoor has not open air conditioning of part. but service is is good, to baby prepared has baby bed, check out of when charging to forget took has, also sent people help I sent down, service is good of. like quiet of can select this. a home people fishing fishing, children can in Beach Shang or children paradise play, best is himself has car, or not is convenient.
  • andy87358215
    Hotels see 5 star room hardware, and no shower, only a bathtub with?, now you don't see the 5 stars hotels. be clean. Room Attendant attitude, but the front desk was very good. Room Windows are small, but you can open, and window screens, good. Next to the Park, there is a small door, sometimes open. cannot leave to go to the park entrance, with the room card. Green of the Park, but rides and the House was very old, Management sucks.
  • gugang1230
    Good service is particularly good, and to upgrade the room.
  • ddmm021
    Good breakfast, free upgrade to Lake view room, but the facility is a little old, TV is old
  • claytiger
    Overall is good, a very good environment, can occasionally to stay next. recommended
  • linda8040
    Very good hotel, Park well, European-style architecture
  • xiaofie
    Hotel situated, opposite has a park, and hotel is with a developers, environment good, for holiday leisure. hotel service personnel also is enthusiasm, especially rooms waiter. but breakfast waiter service on enough flexible has, room is containing double early, we because with a children, in of when I has told she we increased a breakfast, signed room account. results she playing list to I signed had word Hou, while rush of find I said you of room no deposit, let I pay cash, That I on wants to asked asked no deposit I I live came in of does? later I told she I is two between room with registration of, I pre authorized 2000 Yuan, she and to verified has half only make clear. things is unlikely to, but in processing skills and way Shang can better of improved some. because hotel opened some year has, so facilities relative new hotel for somewhat aging, but health status also is good, breakfast varieties to Chinese mainly, slightly explicit simple has points. also is worth recommended of.
  • e01883313
    Most people remember is that hotel staff service with a smile, the decoration of the hotel is very beautiful, unforgettable
  • baobei
    Good night self drive in every way visiting the West Lake night
  • amiliwang
    Tiandu Hotel good environment, various service facilities can also, is our area and real area are a bit out of the room, said that without the Internet, but overall felt good, worthy of recommendation.
  • lyy8061
    Feels good to live comfortably
  • mayingjie19821
    Closer to the city easy to drive around residential areas will not be too cold. Which is very nice
  • lcx1026
    Hotel Super invincible rotten! security front desk indifferent, staying process operation not specification. prefer other room empty with also to put lock bad of room first arrangements staying, led to night was shut room out can't door. bed not health. as a pregnant women lying up a will on up rash. odd itch very, also cannot medication. only endure. such of hotel completely no any is worth staying. rotten
  • daisy0117
    Very satisfied with staying, environment, working away in a hurry, walks in the park or in the early hours of day was enjoyed
  • wnet123456
    Location, hotel facilities are old, carpets are dirty, breakfast less than four star level, reception is very poor, and this is the worst Hotel I stay!
  • pupil_227
    Good good good good good good good good good
  • jingdong7301
    Felt very good.
  • Yuttapol1984
    Has navigation, not hard to find to hotel. is like hotel of style, especially those painting Ah, really of is has taste, Super like! from front desk of service to room of clean, are is is satisfaction of. first days arrangements has next of days are Park, go go play play, is leisurely. Park views is beauty, everywhere is took wedding of people. second days to has around of Chaoshan scenic, tours has plum. anyway, family are is satisfaction!
  • Domotolove
    Room was very clean, Lake a great circle.
  • terry7439
    And we think it's great
  • lebanon
    Tiandu Hotel good environment, various service facilities can also, is our area and real area are a bit out of the room, said that without the Internet, but overall felt good, worthy of recommendation.
  • davidxue
    Price quite high, affordable, service was good, very good, hotel facilities are not very good, last results of large toilet was blocked. but someone in time to repair, is big, scary
  • Angellinmei
    Environment, good service, you deserve it!